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Toronto Operetta Theatre – Kalman’s The Gypsy Princess

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Reviewed by Paula Citron

The Gypsy Princess
Toronto Operetta Theatre
Music by Imre Kalman
English adaptation by Nigel Douglas
Conducted by Derek Bate
Directed by Guillermo Silva-Marin
Performed by Lara Ciekiewicz, Keith Klassen, Ian Simpson, Elizabeth Beeler, Stefan Fehr, Joseph Angelo and Eugenia Dermentzis
Jane Mallett Theatre
Dec. 28, 2011, to Jan. 8, 2012

Toronto Operetta Theatre’s Guillermo Silva-Marin is a one-man band who functions as director, choreography, and set and lighting designer with help from Malabar and Marty Millionaire.

There is, therefore, a routine sameness to a TOT production, but the shows are also fun and tuneful.

Imre Kalman’s 1915 hit, The Gypsy Princess, is not as fast-paced as other operettas. In fact, it does tend to bog down a bit in the second act. Nonetheless, the story of a showgirl who gets her prince has its charms, and music director Derek Bate keeps things lively.

Lara Ciekiewicz as Sylvia and Keith Klassen as Prince Edwin are excellent in the lead rolls, particularly Klassen whose diction is perfect. The leading lady can also dance.

The secondary characters are not in their league. Ian Simpson as Boni doesn’t have enough sizzle, while veteran Elizabeth Beeler as Countess Stasi is showing strain in her voice.

The Gypsy Princess continues at the Jane Mallett Theatre until Jan. 8.

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