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Video Cabaret – The Life & Times of Mackenzie King

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November 22, 2011
Reviewed by Paula Citron

The Life & Times of Mackenzie King
Video Cabaret
Written and directed by Michael Hollingsworth
Performed by Paul Braunstein, Greg Campbell, Richard Alan Campbell, Mac Fyfe, Jacob James and Linda Prystawska
Cameron House
Nov. 2 to Dec. 11, 2011

Stemming from the fertile imagination of writer/director Michael Hollingsworth, Video Cabaret depicts a very satiric view of Canadian history through its distinctive black box theatre, very short cartoon scenes, outlandish costumes and props, pin spot lighting, a cinematic soundtrack, and a tight group of actors who play the 50 characters.

The latest instalment of The History of the Village of the Small Huts, as the entire series is called, is The Life & Times of Mackenzie King.

The fact that we had a prime minister who communicated with his dead mother and talked to his dog Pat is enough fodder for amusement, but everyone comes in for a drubbing, particularly Arthur Meighen and R.B. Bennett.

As custom, life on the bottom is also shown – in this case the misfortunes of a veteran of the Great War and the hard life he had to face when he got back home.

The Life & Times of Mackenzie King continues at the Cameron House until Dec. 11.

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