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Conteur Contemporary Dance Company – State of Mind

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November 21, 2011
Reviewed by Paula Citron

State of Mind
Conteur Contemporary Dance Company
Choreographed by Eryn Waltman
Featuring Caroline Torti, Melissa Mitro, Moses Layco and Lindsay Leuschner
Centre for the Arts, St. Michael’s College School
Nov. 19 and 20, 2011

Conteur Contemporary Dance Company was launched this weekend, and artistic director/choreographer Eryn Waltman and manager/producer Dani Matte created an entertaining show.

I call Waltman’s style commercial contemporary jazz dance – the kind you see on So You Think You Can Dance. The numbers are short – the length of a song. The dances are thematic and emotionally charged. While ballet-based, the movement is free flowing.

The concert took place in a grand little theatre at St. Michael’s College Boys School that was new to me. More importantly, the show featured 16 very good dancers supported by three live musicians and integrated videos by Kody McWilliams.

My one serious complaint is that the program notes introduced each number, and gave information about the music, but did not list who specifically was dancing. That, however, is easily correctable.

The performances raised money for Three To Be, a charity for research into neurological diseases in children. Waltman’s heart is in the right place both artistically and socially.

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