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from thine eyes

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Reviewed by Paula Citron
September 23, 2011

from thine eyes
Signal Theatre/Native Earth Performing Arts
Choreographed and directed by Michael Greyeyes
Written by Yvette Nolan
Performed by Sean Ling, Claudia Moore, Michael Caldwell, Ceinwen Gobert, Shannon Litzenberger and Luke Garwood
Enwave Theatre
Sept. 22 to 24, 2011

from thine eyes is a beautiful piece of dance-theatre. Conceived, choreographed and directed by Michael Greyeyes, the work looks at characters from four different stories, who must come to terms with this life before passing on to the next.

Greyeyes and writer Yvette Nolan do not compromise in presenting raw emotions. We see a murderous junkie, an abusive husband, a couple who have lost a child, and a doctor and her A.I.D.S. patients.

The marvel is how the gifted Greyeyes can create narrative choreography – movement that tells a story and depicts character and relationships. Everything works in this piece – the text, music, set, costumes, lighting, and, of course, the compelling performances.

If I have one cavil, it is the ending. We see the doctor and her patients going into darkness, followed by a small flash of light. I needed to see all the characters going into the light to denote their passage.

from thine eyes continues at the Enwave Theatre until tomorrow.

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