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Caprichosos de San Telmo

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Reviewed by Paula Citron
September 20, 2011

Caprichosos de San Telmo
Toronto International Film Festival
Directed by Alison Murray
Sept. 8 to 18, 2011

To have a movie selected for TIFF is a big deal. The Canadian dancefilm documentary Caprichosos de San Telmo, directed by Alison Murray, was part of the City to City films that celebrated Buenos Aires.

San Telmo is a poor, working class section of Buenos Aires, and Murray makes that clear by beginning her documentary with shots of the grafitti-lined mean streets.

The heart of the film is the murga and the murgueros who dance in it. A murga is a carnival parade organized by the community. If you can pick up the simple choreography of turns, kicks and rhythmic arms, and make a costume, you’re in.

Murray concentrates on interviewing people who take part in the murga, and we get a glimpse of their hard life and the joy the parade gives them.

My one cavil is that the murga is shown through fast flashes of light. I wanted to see longer shots of the actual parade itself.

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