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Machina Nuptialis: A Whirlwind of Brides and Grooms

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Reviewed by Paula Citron
September 14, 2011

Machina Nuptialis: A Whirlwind of Brides and Grooms
Conceived and directed by David Danzon
Choreographic collaboration by Susie Burpee
Performed by Monica Dottor, Amy Hampton, Indrit Kasapi, Emily Poirier, Andrew Robinson and Timothy Spronk
Casa Loma Stables Carriage House
Sept. 13 to 18, 2011

The dance-theatre company CORPUS is premiering Machina Nuptialis, and this show about weddings is a lot of fun.

The venue is the carriage house in the Casa Loma stables. In the centre of the space is a six-sided wooden kiosk with 12 narrow doors.

We first meet the six brides and grooms as they step out of the kiosk. In the following hour, they get married, kiss, dance, fight, make up, and strip off their clothes as honeymoon hormones rage. There is also audience participation galore. We are, after all, the friends and relations.

CORPUS is known for its physical images, and there are many visual delights. The various dance/physical theatre sequences cover a wide range of emotions. The clever soundtrack is made up of a potpourri of music, sometimes descriptive, sometimes satiric.

In one fell swoop, CORPUS presents a lifetime of experience that is implicit in the word “marriage”.

Machina Nuptialis continues at the Casa Loma Stables until Sunday, Sept. 18.

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