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Arthur Miller’s The Price

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Reviewed by Paula Citron
September 9, 2011

The Price
Written by Arthur Miller
Directed by Diana Leblanc
Performed by David Fox, Michael Hanrahan, Jane Spidell and Stuart Hughes
Young Centre
Run began Aug. 29, 2011

I confess to criticizing Soulpepper for uneven acting and/or inept direction, but, I now shower praise on director Diana Leblanc’s production of Arthur Miller’s 1968 classic The Price, simply one of the finest that Soulpepper has ever mounted.

Like all Miller plays, The Price is about the emotional baggage that creates dysfunctional families. In this case, two estranged brothers, Victor and Walter, come together to sell their late father’s effects and a showdown ensues, complicated by Victor’s grasping wife Esther, and a stranger, the sly 89-year-old furniture appraiser Gregory Solomon.

The play takes place in real time, and Leblanc has miraculously held back on rushing the pacing. Things unfold slowly as they should.

The cast is perfection, and Leblanc has mined glorious character portrayals from Michael Hanrahan and Stuart Hughes as the brothers, and Jane Spidell as Esther. David Fox gives a performance of a lifetime as Solomon.

This is a run, don’t walk, production.

The Price continues in repertoire at the Young Centre.

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