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The Boys in the Band

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Reviewed by Paula Citron

The Boys in the Band
Ghost Light Projects
Written by Mart Crowley
Directed by Randie Parliament
Featuring Matthew Romantini, Andy Ingram, Jonathan Morton-Schuster, Indrit Kaspi, John Bryans, Tawiah M’Carthy, Jordan Mechano, Antonio Olivito and Cole J. Alvis
Tallulah’s Cabaret, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
Mar. 1 to 6, 2011

Ghost Light Projects is a new theatre initiative whose main bent seems to be modern classics with a social message. A case in point is Mart Crowley’s The Boys in the Band.

The play was first produced in 1968 and caused a sensation. While there had been other plays with gay or lesbian characters, The Boys in the Band was set in the heartland of a circle of homosexual friends.

Today when we hear Crowley’s characters talk about the baths, we cringe. Nonetheless there are some wonderfully bitchy one liners, such as calling a former ice skater a “frozen fruit”. Crowley covers the waterfront with every kind of gay personality, from the high camp queen to the conservative just out of the closet.

Director Randie Parliament did a great job using every nook and cranny of Tallulah’s Cabaret to deploy his large cast. The performances were uneven, but the young men all understood timing and irony, and a sense of the poignant.

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