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Dave St-Pierre’s Un peu de tendresse bordel de merde!

Dave St-Pierre’s Un peu de tendresse bordel de merde! featured image

Reviewed by Paula Citron

Un peu de tendresse bordel de merde!
Harbourfront World Stage
Choreography by Dave St-Pierre
Performed by the Ensemble
Fleck Dance Theatre
Feb. 2 to 5, 2011

The snow storm didn’t stop a packed house from coming out to experience Dave St-Pierre. The Montreal choreographer is the shockmeister of dance theatre, and he did not disappoint.

St-Pierre has brought Un peu de tendresse bordel de merde!, the second part of his trilogy, Sociologie et Autres Utopies Contemporaines.

The title translates as A little tenderness for crying out loud!, and it is a loaded statement. The piece takes the concept of tenderness and turns it on its ear.

In St-Pierre’s vision, his 18-member company, who take their clothes on and off like a revolving door, tease the audience with vignettes ranging from humiliation to downright cruelty. Scenes of misogyny and homophobia are interpolated by rigorous exercises of calisthenics that act as cold showers against emotion. In other words, tenderness is in very short supply.

This then is St-Pierre’s notorious approach to dance theatre. Anything goes, but beneath beats the humanity of the human soul.

Dave St-Pierre continues at Fleck Dance Theatre until Saturday.

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