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Reviewed by Paula Citron

The List
Nightwood Theatre
Written by Jennifer Tremblay
Translated by Shelley Tepperman
Directed by Kelly Thornton
Featuring Allegra Fulton
Berkeley Street Theatre Downstairs, Oct. 11 to Nov. 6, 2010

First, let me say that I’m a minority opinion. Jennifer Tremblay’s celebrated play The List just didn’t hold me. While the Nightwood Theatre production itself is glorious, the script, to me, is overrated.

Nightwood is one of Canada’s important feminist theatres. The List is an obvious repertory choice. The play won the 2008 Governor General’s award for French drama.

The one-woman show starring Allegra Fulton is about a compulsive obsessive woman who makes lists to organize her life. She has moved from the city to a small village, but it was a wrong decision because she feels isolated. One of her few contacts is her neighbour Caroline.

Unfortunately, a favour that Caroline asked of her did not have a high priority on her list. The monologue is about the woman’s feeling of guilt in contributing to Caroline’s death, and that’s my problem. I just don’t think the situation equals her sturm und drang.

The List continues at Berkeley Street Theatre until Nov. 6.

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