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iD Cirque Eloize

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Reviewed by Paula Citron

Cirque Eloize
Directed by Jeannot Painchaud
Sony Centre, Oct. 1 to 9

Montreal-based Cirque Eloize was commissioned to create the opening production for the newly renovated Sony Centre, and the show iD blends hip-hop dance and circus arts together in brilliant fashion.

In all, the show features 12 different circus arts all configured for maximum excitement. Among the talented 17-member cast, the standout is contortionist Leilani Franco. Picture this: lying on her chest, she raises her legs up behind her, folds them at the knees, then rests them on her back! Trial bike rider Thibaut Philippe has great fun scaring an audience volunteer.

Director Jeannot Painchaud’s vision behind iD is a city where people can escape anonymity by expressing individuality through their talent. Five hip-hop dancers perform the thrilling choreography that is the show’s connecting link. There is something to be said for trained gymnasts as b-boys. They can break, lock and pop with a speed and body distortion that startles the eye.

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