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The Clockmaker

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Reviewed by Paula Citron

The Clockmaker
Tarragon Theatre
Written by Stephen Massicotte
Directed by Bob White
Starring Christian Goutsis, Damien Atkins, Claire Calnan and Kevin Bundy
Tarragon Theatre, Sept. 14 to Oct. 24, 2010

Stephen Massicotte’s play The Clockmaker tries to mix philosophy with Kafkaesque drama, and the result is less than stellar.

In philosophical circles, the clockmaker theory is used to prove the existence of God. If there is a clock, there must be someone who made it. If there is a human, an intelligent being must have made us.

Christian Goutsis plays a clockmaker who falls in love with a married woman who brings a broken clock to his shop for repair. As he discovers more about the woman – that she is an abused wife, their lives become entangled. At the same time, the clockmaker is being investigated by the secret police for a crime yet to be committed.

Unfortunately, director Bob White has let everyone stay on one note, particularly Goutsis, although Damien Atkins does a nice turn as the menacing policemen.

A play that should have been intriguing, ends up being pretentious.

The Clockmaker continues at the Tarragon Theatre until Oct. 24.

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