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Iliad Electronica

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Reviewed by Paula Citron

Iliad Electronica
Associate Dance Artists
Choreographed by Janet Atkinson
Performed by Jennifer Bartsch, David Houle and Sarah McQueston
Dancemakers Centre for Creation, Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, 2010

Choreographer Janet Atkinson is ambitious. For her latest show Iliad Electronica, she has taken on key characters from Homer and renders them into dance, set to the pulsing electronica score by Richie Hawtin.

Atkinson has zeroed in on Helen, Paris, Menelaus and Achilles, and her cast is very good. Jennifer Bartsch (sometimes on point) and Sarah McQueston are the seductive and realistic sides of Helen, respectively, while David Houle performs all the male roles.

Truth be told, Atkinson creates attractive dance that seems a bit on the superficial side. There is a certain repetitive nature of the choreography as well. Yet Atkinson is capable of coming up with interesting images. For example, the Helen/Paris duet features a siren Helen, while the Helen/Menelaus duet has them as sparring equals.

Daniele Guevara’s lighting and projection design is very compelling. Shards of light resembling spears are the backdrop, while the dancers themselves are given individual lighting effects.

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