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DanceWorks CoWorks – Kate Hilliard’s The Brutes

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Reviewed by Paula Citron

Toronto-based indie choreographer Kate Hilliard takes on ambitious topics. The Brutes, developed with New York-based dramaturge Corinne Donly, tackles the idea of optimism and pessimism, and how one’s personal outlook on life impacts on our relationships.

It is difficult to express abstract thought in movement, and the result is an episodic piece for six dancers. It has a disjointed quality because, for the most part, each of the characters is in his/her own bubble.

In fact, to heighten the metaphor, dancer Claudine Hébert first appears blowing bubbles which certainly conjures up happy memories of childhood. Adult life is not as joyous.
We watch these characters performing alone and together. Each new coming sheds light on their states of mind.

In the final analysis, Hilliard’s presentation is refreshing, particularly her character-specific choreography. On the other hand, she still has to work at developing theme in a more concrete way.

The Brutes continues at the Theatre Centre until Saturday.

The Brutes
DanceWorks CoWorks
Choreography by Kate Hilliard
Performed by Claudine Hébert, Erika-Leigh Stirton, Jassmine Inns, Nathan Yaffe, Neil Sochasky and Robert Abubo
Theatre Centre, Sept 9 to 11, 2010

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