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Factory Theatre – George F. Walker’s Featuring Loretta

Factory Theatre – George F. Walker’s Featuring Loretta featured image

Reviewed by Paula Citron

George F. Walker’s entertaining Featuring Loretta is filled with the usual marginalized characters who have cornered the market on quirky and/or eccentric.

The play is part of Walker’s celebrated Suburban Motel cycle. Loretta is the motel guest. Her husband was eaten by a bear, and she is pregnant by another man. Loretta, understandably, is trying to find herself, although everyone else wants to make her decisions for her.

Her friends, relatives and extended family keep phoning. The two current men in her life keep knocking on the door. So insistent are these intrusions that a miasma of irritation is felt by the audience on Loretta’s behalf.

Lesley Faulkner is a bright new face as Loretta, Monica Dottor gets her laughs as the morose Russian cleaner, while Kevin Hanchard shows he has a comic flair. And then there is Brandon McGibbon, and nobody does nerdy losers better than he. Ken Gass’ direction is suitably frenetic.

Featuring Loretta continues at Factory Theatre until Jun. 27.

Featuring Loretta
Factory Theatre
Written by George F. Walker
Directed by Ken Gass
Starring Lesley Faulkner, Monica Dottor, Brandon McGibbon and Kevin Hanchard
Factory Theatre, May 1 to Jun. 27, 2010

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