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Canadian Stage – Yasmina Reza’s Art

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Reviewed by Paula Citron

The 1994 hit Art by French playwright Yasmina Reza is an entertaining, intelligent play, and the Canadian Stage production is a run don’t walk.

The plot involves three friends and a painting – not just any painting, but a controversial one with white diagonal lines on a white background. By the time Reza is through, she has deconstructed both art and friendship from every perspective. The very definition of both cultural aesthetics and personal bonding is brought into question.

Director Morris Panych nails the dialogue shifts in Art and highlights the wit. Every word is delivered for maximum effect. I don’t remember the play being this funny. The chemistry between actors Peter Donaldson, Colin Mochrie and Evan Buliung is sublime, as is their individual characterizations and timing.

Designer Ken MacDonald’s set is gorgeously sleek and modern, and beautifully augmented by Andrea Lundy’s stark lighting.

In short, this production is near perfection.

Art continues at the Bluma Appel Theatre until Apr. 10.


Canadian Stage
Written by Yasmina Reza (translated by (Christopher Hampton)
Directed by Morris Panych
Starring Peter Donaldson, Colin Mochrie and Evan Buliung
Bluma Appel Theatre, Mar. 15 to Apr. 10

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