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Dance Wrap – Daksha Sheth Dance Company and Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba

Dance Wrap – Daksha Sheth Dance Company and Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba featured image

Reviewed by Paula Citron

Two outstanding international dance shows recently played Toronto. Daksha Sheth is one of India’s most original choreographer, while Lizt Alfonso’s flamenco-AfroCuban-ballet fusion has more precision than a military drill team.

Sheth is a revelation. The former kathak dancer brought her mostly male company, that includes her music director/designer husband, musician son, and dancer daughter, to the Fleck Dance Theatre to perform Sarpagati (The Way of the Serpent), a work inspired by snake worship as seen through the chakras.

Her movement is absolutely original – a stunning blend of martial arts, yoga and aerial with rhythmic overtones of classical Indian dance. There is a never-ending cascade of beautiful images.

On expects fire and excitement to come from Alfonso’s all-female company, and no one was disappointed. Her live musicians work without scores, and Alfonso has choreographed so that one dance leads into another to produce a polished, seamless show.

The one cavil is that no matter how many ways she configures her gorgeous dancers, there is a sameness that pervades her movement over time.


Daksha Sheth Dance Company/Sarpagati
Kalanidhi Spring Festival of Indian Dance
Fleck Dance Theatre
Mar. 12 and 13, 2010
Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba
Markham Theatre
Mar. 16, 2010


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