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Tarragon Theatre – Daniel MacIvor’s Communion

Tarragon Theatre – Daniel MacIvor’s Communion featured image

Reviewed by Paula Citron

Director/playwright Daniel MacIvor has written a stunning, complex play in Communion.

MacIvor’s considerable track record puts him in the forefront of Canadian playwrights with international reputations, but Communion is a growth spurt. The play shows a less clever, facile MacIvor and a more mature craftsman. One cannot help but be profoundly moved at the end.

The theme is simple – namely the impact of one life upon another. Caroline Gillis is the troubled Leda and we see her first with her therapist Carolyn played by Sarah Dodd. The second scene is her encounter with her estranged and religiously devout daughter Ann, performed by sensational newcomer Athena Lamarre who holds her own against two powerful actors. The third scene is between Ann and Carolyn.

In both the silences and the dialogue, MacIvor has created superb characterizations, and this female trio gives superb account of themselves within MacIvor’s taut, slice of realism direction.

Communion continues at Tarragon Theatre until Apr. 4.


Tarragon Theatre
Written and directed by Daniel MacIvor
Starring Caroline Gillis, Sarah Dodd and Athena Lamarre
Tarragon Theatre, Feb. 23 to Apr. 4, 2010


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