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Harold Green Jewish Theatre – Michael Nathanson’s Talk

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Reviewed by Paula Citron.

Michael Nathanson’s Talk is a brave play about an 18-year friendship that flounders on the rocks of divided opinion. By the time Nathanson is finished, every possible perspective of the Arab-Israeli question has been touched on, and words have been said that can never be taken back.

Josh who is Jewish, met Gordon who is gentile, at university in Winnipeg and they became lifelong friends. When Gordon brings back his French fiancée Clothilde to meet Josh, a chance remark by Clothilde over lunch starts what will become an avalanche. The play begins after that lunch.

Yes, Talk is all talk, but it is also a detailed anatomy of a falling-out. What elevates Talk above mere discussion is that Nathanson also includes the men’s inner dialogue, as well as a fantasy section showing what would have happened if that argument had never occurred.

Michael Rubenfeld and Kevin Bundy give career high performances propelled by Ted Dykstra’s carefully crafted direction.

Talk continues at the Jane Mallett Theatre until Mar. 20.


Harold Green Jewish Theatre
Written by Michael Nathanson
Directed by Ted Dykstra
Starring Michael Rubenfeld and Kevin Bundy
Jane Mallett Theatre, Mar. 4 to 20, 2010


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