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Theatre Smith-Gilmour – Grimm too

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Reviewed by Paula Citron

Theatre Smith-Gilmour has made it’s formidable reputation by producing shows anchored squarely in the physical theatre of French icon Jacques Lecoq. Grimm too is, yet again, another triumph.

The company finds a source, in this case, the folktales faithfully recorded by the brothers Grimm. They build a script from scratch using both the spoken word, and the body as people and objects. They make their own sound effects and play several characters at the same time.

The effect is theatre where every artifice is exposed. Grimm too, like all their previous shows, is spell-binding. That’s because the actors are absolutely committed, and the minimal production values are first rate.

The ten stories they bring to life are, in a word, Grimm. These brothers make Hans Christian Andersen and Charles Perrault seem absolutely sunny by comparison. But happily, there is always an element of noir humour.

This production defines the word imagination.

Grimm too continues at Factory Theatre until Mar. 21.

Grimm too
Theatre Smith-Gilmour
Devised by the company
Directed by Michele Smith and Dean Gilmour
Starring Smith, Gilmour, Pragna Desai, Adam Paolozza and Dan Watson
At Factory Theatre, Feb. 23 to Mar. 21, 2010


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