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Evolution Dance Theatre – Behind the Veil

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reviewed by Paula Citron


Behind the Veil
Evolution Dance Company
Choreographed by Armineh Keshishian (with Ricky Randhawa, Anthony Guerra, Emily McDowall, Ian Huggins, Mike McInnes, Eileen Rhein and Ian Huggins)
Principal performers include Sarah Kutryk, Emily McDowall, Anthony Guerra and Joanne Redfearn
At the Isabel Bader Theatre


Evolution Dance Company’s Behind the Veil is a problematic piece, despite the ambitious intentions of artistic director Armineh Keshishian. In this evening-long dance, her central character Alameh travels through the centuries always in search of freedom for women, and always coming up against forces that would suppress her.

First for the problems. Whenever one has a large cast and episodic structure, putting the show together requires extra time. That polish was not there. The inclusion of professional dancers with Keshishian’s students meant a very uneven quality to the dance. It would also have helped if the actual cast list was in the program, instead of having to figure out who was who from pictures.

On the plus side, the costumes and set design were gorgeous. Keshishian also tried to bring in various dance fusions, particularly bellydance, modern dance and jazz. The use of actor Joanne Redfearn as narrator helped as a link, and Keshishian’s wide choice of music was solid.

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