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HCA Dance Theatre – Displacement

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reviewed by Paula Citron

HCA Dance Theatre
Choreographed by Robert Glumbek
Composed by Christos Hatzis
Designed by Vessna Perunovich
Performed by Johanna Bergfeldt, Tyler Gledhill, Ryan Lee, Rena Narumi, Anisa Tajpar, Brendan Wyatt and the Penderecki String Quartet
Fleck Dance Theatre


The multidisciplinary show Displacement was first conceived by Vitek Wincza, artistic director of the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts. It was the success in Hamilton that inspired HCA to bring the show to Toronto where it attracted strong houses.

Displacement is about the immigrant experience. Wincza is from Poland as is choreographer Robert Glumbek. Composer Christos Hatzis is from Greece and visual artist Vessna Perunovich from Serbia. Together they created a moving performance with some of Toronto’s elite dancers and live music by the esteemed Penderecki String Quartet.

Perunovich’s arresting art installations dotted the stage – for example, her house of prison bars and harnesses of red elastic bands – all of which Glumbek incorporated into the movement. The harnesses, in particular, made for effective push and pull. Hatzis’ score, a judicious mix of folk and modernisms, was outstanding.

I found the movement a bit repetitive, but the images themselves of loss and longing made an impact.

This piece certainly deserved the Toronto outing.

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