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Shaw Festival 2009 – Garson Kanin's Born Yesterday

Shaw Festival 2009 – Garson Kanin's Born Yesterday featured image

reviewed by Paula Citron

Born Yesterday
Shaw Festival
Written by Garson Kanin
Directed by Gina Wilkinson
Starring Deborah Hay, Thom Marriott, Gray Powell, Donna Belleville, Patrick Galligan, Lorne Kennedy and Ali Momen
At the Shaw Festival Theatre until Nov. 1.


The Shaw Festival has a giant hit with Garson Kanin’s Born Yesterday and deservedly so.

Gina Wilkinson was a very good actress who is now a superb director. In fact, Wilkinson is one of the most articulated directors in many a moon. Nothing is left to chance, nor one moment of dramatic nuance lost under her skilful management.

The story of a dumb blonde mistress of a ruthless self-made man who finds her smarts is wonderfully told through the talents of Deborah Hay and Thom Marriott. Wilkinson never lets them become caricatures. Hay is three dimensional from the getgo, while Marriott is downright scary. Gray Powell as Hay’s hired tutor shows the right amount of intellectual feistiness.

Excellent members from the Shaw ensemble play the supporting characters so brilliant acting runs deep. Sue LePage’s beautiful 1950’s hotel suite and Keith Thomas’ mocking cinematic soundtrack gild the lily.

Born Yesterday is theatrical perfection.

Born Yesterday continues at the Shaw Festival Theatre until Nov. 1.

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