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Young Centre – Tracey Erin Smith’s The Burning Bush

Young Centre – Tracey Erin Smith’s The Burning Bush featured image

reviewed by Paula Citron

The Burning Bush
Young Centre
Written and performed by Tracey Erin Smith with musicians Rebekah Wolkstein and Drew Jurecka
Directed by Anita La Selva
At the Young Centre until Jun. 27


Any play that finds justification for stripping in the Book of Exodus, is worthy of note. Solo theatre artist Tracey Erin Smith has combined both her hit fringe shows – The Burning Bush and Two in the Bush – into one evening. It is a terrific production, with one little cavil.

First of all, Smith is a vibrant and engaging young woman. She is clever and spirited, and a brilliant essayist. How she builds her premise that features a dropout from rabbinical school who finds her metier teaching the mysteries of the Kabala to striptease artists is an absolute delight. The host of characters for which Smith skilfully voices are a wonderfully wacky group if ever there was one.

And now for the cavil. The first show is so beautifully put together that the second, more narrative, show seems gratuitous. What Smith should do is edit down the two shows into one.

The Burning Bush continues at the Young Centre until Jun. 27.

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