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Luminato Festival/Ex Machina – Lipsynch

Luminato Festival/Ex Machina – Lipsynch featured image

reviewed by Paula Citron

Ex Machina
Luminato Festival
Written by Robert Lepage, Marie Gignac and the Ensemble
Directed by Robert Lepage
Starring Frédérike Bédard, Carlos Belda, Rebecca Blankenship, Lise Castonguay, John Cobb, Nuria Garcia, Sarah Kemp, Rick Miller and Hans Piesbergen
At the Bluma Appel Theatre until Jun. 14


Montreal director Robert Lepage is a genius, and recognized as such in the world at large. His Lipsynch is a parade of never ending theatrical delights, despite its nine hours in length.

There are certain givens with Lepage. He assembles the international cast he wants to work with and they develop the production together. He is always on the cutting edge of technical wizardry. He has a very droll sense of humour. His shows unfold at their own pace, and by the time he’s through, the topic – in this case, the significance of voice, speech and language – will have been minutely examined from every possible angle.

Lipsynch shows us snapshots of the interlocked lives of nine people. By the time it is over, one will feel like there is nothing more to learn in the world. Lipsynch is theatre at its most triumphant, when art truly mirrors life.

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