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Luminato / National Ballet of Canada – Skin Divers & Carmen

Luminato / National Ballet of Canada – Skin Divers & Carmen featured image

Reviewed by Paula Citron


Skin Divers choreographed by Dominique Dumais
Carmen choreographed by Davide Bombana
National Ballet of Canada
Luminato Festival
At the Four Seasons Centre until Jun. 14

The National Ballet of Canada’s mixed program of Dominique Dumais’ Skin Divers and Davide Bombana’s Carmen is a worthy enterprise, but not quite as satisfying as I would have liked.

Dumais’ Skin Divers was inspired by two poems by Canadian Anne Michaels. The heart of the work is the body as a museum of memory. While each of the elements — dance, projection, text is interesting in its own right, at times the music overwhelms the words, and the projections take focus away from the dancing.

For Bombana’s Carmen, the cast is well able to execute the bold and punchy choreography, but while the movement is certainly graphic overall, it is surprisingly tame. It is furious in delivery, but lacking in emotion because it becomes an exercise in virtuoso technique.

Where Dumais went overboard on theatrical elements, Bombana did not go far enough in defining raging hormones.

Skin Divers & Carmen continues at the Four Seasons Centre until Jun. 14.

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