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draft89 – John/Yoko Bed Piece

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reviewed by Paula Citron

John/Yoko Bed Piece
Written and directed by Risha Yorke
Starring Tom Smart, Sharon Marquez, Todd Cleland and the ensemble
At the Theatre Centre until Jun. 7

Risha Yorke’s John/Yoko Bed Piece details a couple of days of the bed-in that the newly married John Lennon and Yoko Ono staged in room 1742 of Montreal’s Queen Elizabeth Hotel in 1969.

We see an event that was heavily orchestrated with the CBC running a continuous live feed to New York. We meet the famous people invited to dialogue with Lennon and Ono like drug guru Dr. Timothy Leary and cartoonist Al Capp. Whether intended or not, Yorke makes a comparison to the cheerless Harper government. In 1969, Trudeau actually invited the Lennons into the country for the bed-in.

Tom Smart as John Lennon is excellent, but although the large cast around him is uneven, the anti-war message is strong and clear. I too sang loudly during “Give Peace a Chance” – the iconic song Lennon composed in bed. The sing-along finale recreates the ad hoc recording session in that very hotel room.

John/Yoko Bed Piece continues at the Theatre Centre until Jun. 7.

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