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Toronto Dance Theatre – Berlin/Toronto Project

Toronto Dance Theatre – Berlin/Toronto Project featured image

reviewed by Paula Citron

Berlin/Toronto Project
Toronto Dance Theatre
Choreographed by Felix Marchand and Christoph Winkler
Performed by the TDT Ensemble
At Winchester Street Theatre

Christopher House, artistic director of Toronto Dance Theatre, feels it is important to bring international dance voices to the city. He spear-headed the Berlin/Toronto Project which brought Felix Marchand and Christoph Winkler to Toronto to set works on the TDT dancers.

Marchand engaged pure movement for his challenging Awareness Etudes for 6 performers and an audience. He began with the six dancers, eyes closed, slowly becoming conscious of their bodies. The arc of the piece then passed through upright, tortuous positioning, to distorted floor work, to finally the most infectiously joyous jumps ever to be seen

Parts of Winkler’s clever The Toronto Files were laugh out loud funny. The droll choreography used bits and pieces of the five dancers’ personal stories to make a statement about the relationship between life and art. The movement was ironic in relation to the text. Very sophisticated dance, indeed.

Marchand’s and Winkler’s different sensibilities turned out to be a divinely rich evening.

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