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DanceWorks / Zata Omm Dance Projects – William Yong’s Frames

DanceWorks / Zata Omm Dance Projects – William Yong’s Frames featured image

reviewed by Paula Citron

DanceWorks/Zata Omm Dance Projects
Choreographed by William Yong
Performed by Michelle Cheung, Kate Franklin, Nicholas Melymuk, Melissa Morris and Yong
At the Enwave Theatre until Mar. 21

With his impressive full-length work Frames, choreographer William Yong takes his place in the forefront of emerging dancesmiths. The imaginative blend of technology and choreography produces startling images that are a feast to the eye.

Yong has a penchant for exploring difficult themes to put into movement. In the case of Frames, his subject matter is perception, in particular, the forces that shape our world view as opposed to the ideas we form on our own. The piece also covers concepts such as memory, time, age and distance in relation to perception.

All this is pretty heady stuff, and Yong does go on a bit in parts, but his manipulation of the five excellent dancers in relation to each other, Elysha Poirier’s eye-catching video projections, composer Andrea Rocca’s atmospheric original score and Rebecca Picherack’s dramatic lighting is masterfully done.

William Yong’s Frames brings to fruition the promise of his shorter choreographic works.

Frames continues at the Enwave Theatre until tomorrow.

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