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Ballet British Columbia – James Kudelka's Adam and Eve and Steve

Ballet British Columbia – James Kudelka's Adam and Eve and Steve featured image

reviewed by Paula Citron

Adam and Eve and Steve
Choreographed by James Kudelka
Ballet British Columbia
At Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre

James Kudelka’s Adam and Eve and Steve (The Goldberg Variations, Side 2) for Ballet British Columbia is absolutely audacious both in theme and presentation.

Basically, there are two different dances taking place on stage. On one hand, four couples render a stately and formal music-in-movement interpretation of Bach. Kudelka’s curve is a ménage à trois. Jones Henry portrays a nerd in love with a very cool Shannon Smith. The apparently bisexual Smith dallies with party girl Simone Orlando which breaks Henry’s heart.

This hapless trio acts out its pain within the choreography of the other four couples and never the twain shall meet. While the corps de ballet is elegant and serene, the trio’s movement is staccato, robotic, mechanical, quirky and downright funny.

The title refers to an anti-gay activist who said “God meant Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve.” The corps represent the norm, but they are not half as interesting as the mismatched trio.

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