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Show One Productions – Aga-Boom

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reviewed by Paula Citron

Show One Productions
Created and directed by Dimitri Bogatirev
Starring Iryna Ivanytska, Valery Slemzin and Bogatirev
At the Bluma Appel Theatre until Jan. 3

Aga-Boom is a clown show that transcends words. Using the universal language of physical theatre, it brings out the inner child of everyone in the audience. The finale of Aga-Boom is simply one of the most daring and original endings I have ever witnessed. It is true mayhem and it is impossible to escape becoming involved. Even the adults were screeching with delight.

Apparently the word for paper in Russian is “boomaga,” so Aga-Boom is a play on words. A great deal of the physical humour in the show involves routines where paper plays a prominent role. Created by Dimitri Bogatirev, the show stars the very talented Bogatirev, his wife Iryna Ivanytska and Valery Stemzin. To carry the show, the clowns use brilliant body and facial expression. They are true masters of their craft, and a joy to watch.

Audience participation plays a big part, so beware if you are sitting near the front.

Aga-Boom continues at the Bluma Appel Theatre until Jan. 3.

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