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DanceWorks CoWorks Series – Ruth Cansfield Dance

DanceWorks CoWorks Series – Ruth Cansfield Dance featured image

by Paula Citron.
Ruth Cansfield Dance
Choreographed by Ruth Cansfield
Performed by Treasure Waddell, Michael Blais, Marisa Rempel and Alexandra Elliott
At Winchester Street Theatre until Feb. 23

The distinct, quirky and demanding movement language of Winnipeg’ Ruth Cansfield does not resemble any other choreography in the country. The three works on the hour long show span 14 years and are vintage Cansfield – expressive and compelling.

On the outer level, Cansfield presents deceptively simple pieces, but her choreography hides riches, allowing the audience to paint narrative on her kinetic canvas. Her movement fires the viewers’ imaginations to find their own stories.

The works are rooted in the great composers, but Cansfield has so cunningly moulded the music to her own will that the pieces could have been originally written for her choreography. In fact, the musicality of the evening is one of Cansfield’s stand-out features.

The strength of Cansfield’s dancers is their complete commitment to the subtext of the works. While very able in body, more importantly, they radiate the soul of the dance.

Ruth Cansfield Dance continues at Winchester Street Theatre until Feb. 23.

Photo Credit: Mirek Weichsel
(Treasure Waddell in Black Angel)

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