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Dance Matters – Risky Business and Rebel Yells (Series 2)

Dance Matters – Risky Business and Rebel Yells (Series 2) featured image

by Paula Citron.
Risky Business and Rebel Yells (Series 2)
Dance Matters
Howdareshe Productions
Choreography by Pam Johnson, Marie France Forcier, Erin Cowan and Jonathon Osborn
At the Pia Bauman Studio

Tanya Crowder’s series Dance Matters at the Pia Bauman Studio presents themed choreography followed by a post show discussion. The weekend concerts were called Risky Business and Rebel Yells and there certainly was an edge to each dance piece.

Veteran Pam Johnson’s droll solo Sexual Liberation wove together video, text and movement to present a very witty spin on the retro battle of women’s issues today. Marie France Forcier’s enigmatic One Too, performed by Nicole Rush and Danielle O’Reilly was a fascinating look at alter egos. Erin Cowan’s Shall we fight now or shall we fight later? was her repetitive essay on today’s violence danced by Cowan and Penny Chivas. Cowan needs to develop ideas past ferocious movement alone.

One to watch is Jonathon Osborn whose fascinating solo Piece for Danielle Baskerville, performed by Baskerville, was a gorgeous, lush exploration of deeply layered movement that said much about both the magnificent dancer and the choreographer. Osborn has the makings of a great dancesmith.

I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for THE NEW CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.

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