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Tarragon Theatre 2008 – Maureen Hunter’s Wild Mouth

Tarragon Theatre 2008 – Maureen Hunter’s Wild Mouth featured image

by Paula Citron.

Maureen Hunter’s new play Wild Mouth is powerful theatre. Set on a farm in Saskatchewan in 1917, Hunter’s characters depict the devastating aftermath of both losing sons in the carnage of World War One, as well as the effect of the savage trench warfare on returning soldiers. The play is also about tangled lines of communication, where silence sows destruction.

R.H. Thomson has directed with meticulous and graphic care, ensuring that the everyday violence on a farm, such as the slaughter of animals, is contrasted to the slaughter of soldiers in France. Kudos to designers Yannik Larivée, Michelle Ramsay and Todd Charlton for their evocative set and costumes, lighting and sound, respectively.

The magnificent cast includes Sarah Orenstein, Oliver Becker, Brenda Robins, David Fox, Ian D. Clark, Sarah Allen and Simon Rainville.

This is provocative and gripping theatre, and for a country currently at war, a timely piece indeed.

Wild Mouth continues until Feb. 10.

From the Tarragon Theatre, I’m Paula Citron, arts reviewer for The New CLASSICAL 96.3 FM.

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